Download Teen patti joy App & Get 51 Bonus |Teen patti joy

teen patti joy Hello friends, first of all you have to click on the download button, after clicking on the download button, you will reach a website, where you will find the official website of Teen Patti Joy but will take you there after You will get to see the beautiful looking and from there you have to download the application by clicking on the download button, after that you have to install this application in your mobile phone. In Teen Patti Joy all the players are real and the download record of Teen Patti Joy Hai is in million.

2. HOW to teen patti joy register/ login get 51 bonus

After opening Teen Patti Joy Hai, you will get such a binding phone on option, there you will find whatever you want. You have to create an account by entering the details, after creating the account, you will get a bonus of ₹ 51 immediately, you can use it to play any games, before that I tell you how to enter the details

  • First of all in the morning you will get to see 4 topics, there you have to put your mobile number in the first, after that
  • On the second number, you have to click on Hotel Pay and an OTP will come in your mobile phone, you have to put this OTP in the OTP section.
  • You have to enter your secure password on the third number.
  • On the fourth number, you have to enter the password you entered on the third number, on the phone number itself, the password you entered earlier, you have to put it again on the repeat phone number.
  • For example, if you complete 4 processes, you will get a bonus of ₹ 51. You can use that bonus to play any game.

3.How to teen patti joy game Luking & all gems ?

Teen patti joy game Tomorrow you will get to see the beautiful look and 19 games are available and you can earn money by playing all the games and you can transfer this money directly to your bank account and you can see many new games in it.Get it for and who has special option to earn money without investment, you can see from your side In the photo above, you get to see many fusers and you can take advantage of all the services. Teen patti joy How many games do you get to see in the application, what are the rules, I am going to tell you all here, thanks for

  • 1, Tummy
  • 2, Teen patti
  • 3, Ludo
  • 4, Poker
  • 5, 10 Cards
  • 6, Blakck jack
  • 7, Variation
  • 8, Sports
  • 9, Crash
  • 10, Andar bahar
  • 11, Car roulette
  • 12, Rulette
  • 13, Teen patti 20-20
  • 14, 3Crad pokar
  • 15, Drogan vs tragon
  • 16, Best of five
  • 17, zoo rulette
  • 18, baccarat
  • 19, 7up dawon

So friends, you get to see so many games here, you can earn a lot of money by playing all of them, and in all games, if you do not have the breath to lose by playing with some truck, then there is no new trick in all games.Playing with so that you can win a lot of money and you can transfer the winning money to your bank immediately.

4.How to teen patti joy add cash ?

In Teen Patti Joy, you have to click on the image river icon to add case, there friends can add you, there you have to select the amount you want to add, after that You have to click on Max and friends, now the more amount you add, the more you will get bonus commission.And you can add payment from any of your banks and friends, by winning it, you can withdraw it in the bank, and friends here, the more amount you add, the higher level bonus you will get.

5.How to teen patti joy Refar & earning ?

Teen patti joy You have a great refer and earn in I can earn money without investment, how I tell you, you will see a link in the image given in the photo.You should share this link on all social media platforms so that you will get download from above link, he will play the game by adding as much as he downloads, here you will get commission without investment.So friends refer and earn in, you do not have to add any single rupee tax and by referring you can earn in lakhs and I tell you a feature from where you can earn money through BF rape.

Friends can see here, you will get 80, 90 and 100 paisa for a refer, friends, you will see this in the image given in the photo, to do this You have to refer a lot, after that the referrer will add ₹ 1000, only then you will get 80 for the first time, 90 for the second time, 100 for the third time, and you can make it unlimited by referring it.

5. how to teen Patti Joy customer support ?

teen patti joy I will get you customer support 24 hours and friends in this application if you face any problem then customer support will solve your problem 2 runs for you, you will complain about your problem in customer support Have to write so that your problem will be solved immediately, customer support will be involved to provide 24 horse service for you, then your problem will be solved immediately ok

6. How to teen Patti joy dragon vs tiger tricks?

teen patti joy I am going to tell you a pick of Dragon vs Tiger, in this you have to play with more modes, so that now I will not do it every time, friends, Dragon and Tiger are 2 series, confirm one of them, if you win, then in this Friends, you have to target any one series and do not sleep in it.After getting loose, you have to keep increasing the outs, in this way you can win from here and friends, whenever you play dragons tiger game, only then you have to play with more amount so that you never lose.You will not do it, you will win every time.

7. How to teen Patti joy withdrawal ?

teen patti joy To do Widrowal, you have to click on your mobile number dial Aadhaar first and friends have to enter your bank details, after that you will get the option to select the amount.You have to take as much amount as you want to Widroal as much as you have in the ID, after that you have to confirm, after that your Widroal will be successful. To see its record, you have to click on History.

To see Teen Patti Joy Widrowal history, you have to click and friends, the first payment will go to you, after a while your payment will go into processing, after that your payment It will be successful, it will take you 5 minutes to process, after this time your payment will be received in your bank account. Thank you

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