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1, how to Rummy loot apk download

To download rummy loot apk you have to download The button will appear there, you have to click on it, after that you will reach Rummy Loot APK official website and there you will get to see the beautiful look of Rummy Loot APK’s page will open there. The download button will be shown there, click on it, after that an OK has to be done, after that the download process will start, after that you will start the Rummy loot APK download process as if downloaded After that install Rummy Loot APK in your mobile phone, after installing Rummy Loot APK, open Rummy Loot APK.

2, how to Rummy loot apk signing process get ₹51 bonus

After opening the Rummy Loot APK, you will get to see the beautiful look, there you will get the option of mobile number binding on the side of the Withdrawal button, as if you click there in front of you There will be an option to enter the details, all you have to do is enter the details there.

  • First you have to enter mobile number
  • After entering the mobile number, OTP will be sent to your mobile phone, the given OTP should be put on the second number.
  • In the third number you have to enter a secure password 🔑
  • Enter the same repeat password that you had entered on the third number on the phone number, after that you click on confirm.

So friends as soon as you click on confirm Rami Loot APK You will get a bonus of ₹ 51. You can use this bonus to play any game and after reaching ₹ 100 in it, you can withdraw it in your bank account

3, how to Rummy loot apk refer earn

Rummy loot apk The best program is Refer and Earn, I am going to tell you that you can earn money without investment and in this you In this, you can earn as much money as you go, you can earn unlimited money by referring unlimited, for that you should have a big platform, you can earn a little bit of money.In rummy loot apk, you will get 60% commission of the amount you refer, you can withdraw the commissioner directly to your bank account by copying the link of your account from the referrer side.By doing this, if you share on all platforms, then you will get 60 person commission for the amount of gameplay your referral will get from the referral under your ID.And in this you will get more free bonus, progress bonus is also available in this, you will get half of the progress bonus you will earn as per the referral income and on the side of this you will also get weekly bonus.Kasim process hai aur ismein aap kitna refer karoge uska app ki id mein commission aaega use commission mein jitna commission aaega uska double aapko progress bonus aur weekly bonus se milega yahan se So what are you afraid of click on download button download rummy loot apk and start referring and make unlimited income from there ok

4, how to Rummy loot APK Add cash

In rummy loot APK, you will get the option of add cash on the side of the withdrawl to add case in the game, there you have to click on it, friends, after clicking, a big page will open in front of you. You will get the option to select the amount, from the amount you want to add to the amount, after selecting it, click on Next, as if you click on Next, UPI will appear in front of you.The more amount you select here, the more bonus you will get, after selecting the amount, you have to click on Next, after that paytm in front of you on UPI phone or in any other bank You can put a request to add payment, after putting the request, you have to accept the request and get the money deducted from any of your bank, after that it will be directly added to your game account.After that payment will be added to you including speaking and you can use this payment add to play any game and win and withdraw.

5, how to Rummy loot apk All gems

Rummy loot apk I aapko 19 games available You can earn a lot of money by playing all the games, you will not need to download more applications because you get 19 games inside one application.In all games, you will not even make sure to play with tricks, by fooling the company’s people, you can loot maximum money from this game, ok

  • 1, Tummy
  • 2, Teen patti
  • 3, Ludo
  • 4, Poker
  • 5, 10 Cards
  • 6, Blakck jack
  • 7, Variation
  • 8, Sports
  • 9, Crash
  • 10, Andar bahar
  • 11, Car roulette
  • 12, Rulette
  • 13, Teen patti 20-20
  • 14, 3Crad pokar
  • 15, Drogan vs tragon
  • 16, Best of five
  • 17, zoo rulette
  • 18, baccarat
  • 19, 7up dawon

6, How to Rummy loot apk dragon vs tiger tricks

To play rummy loot apk dragon vs tiger tricks, you have to go to dragon tiger, after that you will see the bottom side amount, there you have to put as much money as you want. Let me tell you the tricks of Dragon VS Tiger, in this you will have unlimited winning, for this you have to select the app of Dragon or Tiger and you have to play with more amount, after that friends you have to You have to hold any one side, my friends, keep putting money in it and you have to keep increasing the money, see below, see in the photo, how you have to sit on the same side, I will show you have to play with more mode

Rummy Loot APK you have to increase the amount as shown in the photo above to play the tricks of Dragon VS Tiger, after that anytime you have a Ravana winning then all the money In this way you can play, after having a Ravan bin, all the money will be winning, all the loss will be recovered, the way I tell you to put weight in the photo above, in this way you have to keep sitting and unlimeted And with guarantee you will only win, never lose, so keep this trick in mind whenever you go to the player to play, it is okay thanks

7,How to rummy loot apk widrowal

Rummy loot apk If you have to withdraw the money you have won, then you have to click on the button with Widrowal, after that you have to enter your bank account number and IFSC code and Gmail account and click on confirm.After that you will get the option to write the amount, there you have to write the amount you want to withdraw, after writing the amount, you have to click on submit.As soon as you click on submit, your withdrawal will be done and friends will go to repairing in first step and will go to process in second and within 5 minutes your withdrawal will be found in successful bank.

8, how to Rummy loot apk customer support

rummy loot apk Even if any problem comes, you have to click on add cash, after that you will get a support option below, where you have to click and after clicking on support, you will see a customer care support ID. You have to click there and if there is any problem related to the game, then there sms. Kar kar so load kar ke 24 hours aapko customer support provide hoga Rummy Loot apk very good customer support provide k Is done and and you have to complain about the video call recording problem and any problem related to the game, you have to complain to the customer support, after that you will get immediate support. Thanks for Watching

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