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1,how to rummy mex download

rummy mex To download, you will press the download button on the screen, there you have to click, after clicking, you will see the image in front of you, like the photo, Interbase will come, there you will see the download button written. Will come there you have to click on the download button written there after clicking After doing this, Rami Max will be downloaded in your mobile phone and after Rami Max is downloaded, you have to install it, after installing it in your mobile phone, you have to open it.

2, How to rummy mex sign upen

Rummy mex After opening it, some such interface will appear in front of you, to cycle your mobile number please guest and you can login with Gmail, out of which you have to login with mobile number like friends If you click on the mobile number, then you have to enter your mobile number there, after entering the mobile number, you have to click on Get OTP, after clicking on OTP, an OTP will come in your mobile phone, it will appear there. Where to put it, after putting it, you have to click on the mobile number people there, as if you click, your account will be created and ready and you will enter inside the game.

3, how to rummy mex bonus

Loading rummy mex from mobile number like now, you will be interfaced inside the game and here you will get the file of ₹50.You will get bonus, this bonus can be used to play any game in 332 and in any application and inside it you get to see a lot of games and apart from this you get all the bonuses till Daily Bonus Delhi. Don’t forget to download Download Max by clicking on the download button

4, how to rummy mex refae earn

If you want to earn money without investment in Rummy Max, then refer and earn option will be best for you, you have to create an account in Refer and Arun, after that you will get ₹ 20 of invite and your referral Up to 30 commission will be available in your account, you will get commission for the game your refer will play and you can rebel directly and in this you will also get payment of affiliate, your refer who invite So if you want to do without investment then refer and earn this option is best for you don’t forget to download Rami Max

5,how to rummy mext ask

In Rummy Max, you get to see Delhi Taj, from there you can climb free money, for this you have to complete its card, only then you will get bonus in Delhi Free, so friends, stay close to it.Uska tak sabko rahega daily bonus teen batti road like you get a lot of cards here they can climb and earn money see inside the game you can complete the score and from here also get Delhi free You can get free bonus and in that you will get to see daily tax then don’t forget to download Mi Next

6, how to rummy mex widrowal

In Rummy Max application, you have to click on the video button to withdraw the winning money, as if you click on the video button, you will see a picture like the picture in front of you.And in this here you have to enter the bank details, in the first you have to enter the name, in the second you have to enter the bank account number, in the third you have to enter the IFSC code and in the force you have to enter your mobile number.So as soon as you complete the process, you will get ₹ 50 more bonus, you can use this bus to play the game or you can also direct it.You can make a video call and in this you will get the stunt video only and if you want to check the record, then you will see the history option in the corner, you can check the history by clicking on it.

7, how to rummy mex custmer saports

If you face any problem or any problem in Rummy Max application, customer support will be provided for 24 hours, you can solve your problem by writing your complaint here, which will solve your problem.The problem is not going to come, but by chance any problem comes, then you can solve any problem related to the game instantly by writing your complaint to the customer support. Thanks for

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