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1, How to Downlod teen patti club

hello friends tu aapk Friends, you have to click on the download button given below, after that you will be taken to the Teen Patti Club official website, where you have to click on the download button given below and start the download process.After that install Teen Patti Club APK in your mobile, after installing, you have to click on Open. Thanks

2, HOW to Register teen patti club apk

teen patti club
  • Hello friends, you open the Teen Patti Club, after that you will get two options to see, one will be place guest and two mobile number login, out of this you have to click on place guest, after that you will get the game You will get to see the interface, there you will get the option of a rebellion in the side of the add truth, there you have to click, after that on tha Three number you will see the look like given in the photo.
  • You will have to enter some details to register on number three, I am going to give you all the details step by step, how to enter the details, thanks
  • 1. First of all friends, you have to enter your mobile number in the first box in the first box.
  • 2.After that you have to click on the OTP given on the second number, after that you will get a six digit code on your mobile phone, put it on the second number step.
  • 3.On the third number, you have to think of your own password for security, that password has to be put there so that your security is maintained.
  • 4.In the last, you have to enter the repeat password which you had previously entered on the box on the third number, the same repeat password has to be entered so that your security becomes stronger.
  • After entering all the details of all, you have to click on the confirm option, after that your ID will be ready and you will get the bonus which will be there on finding the mobile number.

3.how to teen patti club and gemas

In Teen Patti Club application you will get to see the beautiful look and friends in Teen Patti Club app you will get to see many apps which by playing all the games you can earn 2000 to 3000 That you can earn sitting at home and you will also get enjoyment, then quickly download Teen Patti Club by clicking on the download button and enjoy and earn while enjoying.And in Teen Patti Club you will get more than 19 games to watch

  • 1, Tummy
  • 2, Teen patti
  • 3, Ludo
  • 4, Poker
  • 5, 10 Cards
  • 6, Blakck jack
  • 7, Variation
  • 8, Sports
  • 9, Crash
  • 10, Andar bahar
  • 11, Car roulette
  • 12, Rulette
  • 13, Teen patti 20-20
  • 14, 3Crad pokar
  • 15, Drogan vs tragon
  • 16, Best of five
  • 17, zoo rulette
  • 18, baccarat
  • 19, 7up dawon

So friends here you get to see 19 games available, in that you can earn money by playing all the games.

4, HOW to teen patti mastre offars

So friends you get to see daily offers in Teen Patti Club and from there you can play games by taking free money and friends as soon as you add cash then you will get more daily bonus from here and Friends here if you become vip in first then friends you will get lot of bonus and friends on second number you will get ₹ 8 first day bonus after that on second day you will continue to get like this and friends 7 days But from Re 1 to you ₹9999 You can get bonus and friends. deli bonus to you daily Will get on login reward

5, how to teen patti club add cash

Friends, you can add cash in Teen Patti Teen Patti Club, you will be given Banaras Extra if you add in it, from there also you can use the extra bonus given to you to play the game and friends add csch On the side of Widrowal, you will get the option of add cash, there you have to click on friends, after that you will be asked to select money, there you will have to add cash, select as much as you want, after that you click on the under and friends will ask you to pay through UPI or on the phone, where you can pay from any application and make the payment After doing this, money will be deducted from your bank account and payment will be added directly to your game ID and bonus will also be added. Thanks

6, How to teen patti mastre refar eran

So friends like you click on referrer earn then you will get to see some such interface in front of you and friends if you want to earn money without investment then refer and earn option will be right for you and And friends, you have to copy the share link given here and promote it on all social media platforms. And the more friends you refer, the more games they play, you will get 60% Apart from this, you will also get a lot of money, here you will get weekly bonus and progress bonus also.

So friends, here also you will get as much recharge as your referral, friends, from here you will get bonus, if your friend will recharge for the first time 1000, only then you will get 80 rupees, the second time like this ₹ 1000 Recharge only then you will get 90 rupees and friends will recharge like this for the third time, only then you will get 100 rupees, so friends, in this way hey upper system has been given in which you can earn without investment.

7, HOw to widrowal teen patti club

So friend, now you have to click on the Withdrawal button to withdraw the won money or the money of the referrer in your bank, after that you have to enter the details of the bank here, after that friends Select the amount you want to withdraw and then click on the withdrawl button given below.After that friends the payment will be deducted in your game id and friends you will get the withdrawn money in your bank account in a short time thanks

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